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Systemic Arterial Hypertension (SAH), popularly known as High Blood Pressure is a clinical condition that can be caused by several factors and is characterized by high and sustained levels of blood pressure. It is considered a hypertensive person when blood pressure remains equal to or greater than 140 × 90 mmHg, or 14 by 9.

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Being silent is one of the main characteristics of high blood pressure and one of the most worrying. Because they do not feel anything, people usually find out too late and many people do not treat Hypertension because they do not feel anything.

Increased blood pressure causes blood to travel through target organs (heart, brain, kidneys and blood vessels) with increased pressure, causing injury, thus increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, among others.

What are the causes of hypertension?

Primary: unidentified cause. It is related to lifestyle and risk factors. It is the most prevalent. Some examples: stress, salt abuse, heredity, unhealthy eating, obesity, among others.

Secondary: related to identified causes, such as kidney diseases, some medications and pregnancy.

How to treat

Patients with high cardiovascular risk or stage 2 blood pressure (BP greater than or equal to 160x100mmHg) can be medicated along with lifestyle change. People who do not meet these criteria have the possibility to decide, together with the doctor, if should start the medication at first or not, and to adhere to healthy living habits to reach a goal for a period of 3 to 6 months. In this period blood pressure should be monitored monthly by the team and if it is not successful antihypertensive treatment should be taken.

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Healthy eating. Avoid soft drinks, industrialized juices, because they have preservatives like sodium citrate. Use as little salt as possible in preparing food. Avoid processed foods like frozen, instant noodles, sausages, ready-made soups and broths, canned sauces, salted meats and foods with monosodium glutamate. Give preference to natural seasonings such as parsley, chives, coriander, onion, garlic, etc.

Decrease fat intake. Consume fruits and vegetables daily. Increase potassium intake (as long as there is no restriction), as it induces the reduction of blood pressure, in addition to the protective effect against cardiovascular damage. Examples of foods rich in potassium: banana, melon, orange, dried fruits, avocados, carrots, beets, dark green leaves, peas, beans, sesame seeds, wheat germ, among others.

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Physical activity. It is imperative that an initial assessment be made prior to any orientation on physical activity. In more severe cases, physical activity should be done with the supervision of a trained professional. Regardless of the exercises chosen, whether aerobic (walking, dancing, cycling, swimming, running) or anaerobes (bodybuilding, jumping, crunches, crunches and squats), they should be started gradually, respecting the limits of each individual. The recommended frequency is 3 to 5 times a week, at least 30 minutes a day, depending on the intensity and type of activity performed.

Natural Treatment. There are plants and natural products that have the ability to control blood pressure. Its use may be associated with drug treatment or used alone, in cases in which the patient does not need medication. The use must be guided by a specialized professional and with medical supervision.

The most suitable natural products for this purpose are: Embauba, Garlic Oil and Omega 3. In the cases of hypertension of nervous origin, the use of relaxing plants such as Lipo, Kawa Kawa, Valerian, Mulungu, and Passionflower.

The natural products associated with good habits, guarantee more balance and quality of life.

Health is the safest way to happiness!

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