Thanda Passion Booster (60 caps)

Thanda Passion Booster (60 caps)


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MENOChange Support (menopause formula) 60 veg Capsules

Thanda Passion Booster (60 caps)

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Do not let your sex life stay in the background. Improve your libido now!

What are the causes of lack of libido?

The causes for lack of sexual appetite are diverse. They range from poor nutrition to psychological and hormonal issues. If you go through major daily stress discharges, take life at an amazing rate, eat badly and have no time for physical activity, these can be determining factors for your decline in desire for sex.

Excessive anxiety and self-esteem may also be sabotaging you. As we all know: a healthy mind is synonymous with a healthy body. Quieter and centered your mind is, the more self-love you will have and consequently, this will lead to an increase in your libido.


Take 1-2 capsules after meals, two times a day.


NN Dimethylglycine
Withania somnifera
Eleutherococcus senticosis
Ginkgo biloba
Tribulus terrestis
Gentiana lutea
Liriosma ovata
Smilax ornata
Sabel serrulata



This supplement should never be used by pregnant women or breastfeeding as it contains Tribulus Terrestris what can cause abortion.   

How Thanda Passion Booster increase female libido?

Thanda Passion Booster act in the brain. The action of this supplement is aimed at reducing the substances that inhibit the desire (serotonin) and increase others related to sexual excitement (dopamine and Testosterone). In addition, it improves blood flow to the reproductive organs and brain, increasing libido and arousal in women.

Today there are many remedies on the market that can help increase desire, but this is one of the best thanks to its formula. Although available on the market, drugs can only be used by medical indication after a thorough evaluation of the case, as the drugs also have side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness.

Are there other alternatives?

Several natural methods can be used as an alternative to medications. And these homemade tricks can have an awesome effect and restore, once and for all, your desire for sex.

 Precious Tips

Invest in the sun: no, you did not get it wrong! Taking sun at the indicated times and with the proper protection can reinforce your dose of vitamin D, which is a hormone directly linked to the production of pleasure substances.

Practice physical activity

Exercising, in addition to leaving you with high self-esteem (because it works the body muscles, developing beautiful curves), also helps in the release of substances that improve sexual performance. Women who exercise often tend to have a more active sex life and much more pleasure during sex.

Exercise vaginal muscles: Exercise vaginal muscles is a millenarian technique to assist women in sexual performance. The practice of this exercise, in addition to working the pelvic, still guarantees brain stimulation and increased self-esteem.

The pleasure that comes with the palate

Eat well. Excess sugar, carbohydrate, and trans fats do not do well for your sexual appetite. These foods contain inhibitors of pleasure, which keeps you farther away from your main goal: a healthy sex life. So if you want a special night out, invest in aphrodisiac foods such as pepper, peanuts, almonds, asparagus and bitter chocolate.

Talk about your problem

Communication with your partner may be the best remedy right now. Explain your difficulty and ask for help. Sometimes with a good dialogue you can, together, come up with a joint and super pleasurable solution.

Although common, lack of sexual appetite is not normal. Whether through the use of supplements, prescription drugs or through natural techniques, you need to solve this problem, not to let it affect other areas of your life.

Thanda Passion Booster helps increase female desire. Be sure to enjoy the moment of sexual intercourse. Increase your libido because all women can and deserve to feel pleasure in all areas of their lives.