Pancreas Booster 60 Capsules

Pancreas Booster 60 Capsules


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Pancreas Booster 60 Capsules

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If you still don’t know Pancreas Booster, this supplement will surprise you with its numerous health benefits. Pancreas Booster is a herbal supplement used for therapeutic purposes against diabetes in dog and cats. In addition to its hypoglycemic activity, this Ayurvedic supplement has uncovered numerous other properties in recent years.


Capsules may be given whole or mixed with food or a treat.

Cats: 1/2 capsule twice daily
Dogs under 20 lbs: 1/2 capsule twice daily
Dogs 20-50 lbs: 1 capsule twice daily
Dogs over 50 lbs: 1-2 capsules twice daily

Note: Pancreas Booster may be used alone, or in conjunction with conventional veterinary management. Ask your vet to monitor your pet's progress.



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More information about Pancreas Booster


Dogs of 5 to 15 years old of small breeds, such as poodle, daschund and yorkshire, are more predisposed to develop diabetes. Among the causes are genetic propensity, obesity, continued use of some corticoid-based medications, hyperadrenocorticism (hormonal disease), pancreatitis, and kidney disease.


Veterinarians are pointing out there are an increase in cases and it may be associated with the diet and habits of tutors, which they reflect in the lives of their pets. People should be aware of symptoms such as increased water intake, urinary frequency, appetite and weight loss. This supplement can provide treatment, and might be performed with daily Insulin applications, adequate diet, physical activities and control of possible complications.


Consequences of diabetes in pets


1 - Cataract - A very common alteration that occurs due to the accumulation of sorbitol (product due to excess glucose) in the lens, giving an opaque appearance in the eyes and leading to blindness. Surgical treatment is recommended in these cases, and the earlier diagnosed the cataract the greater the chance of success.


2 - Infections - Caused by bacteria or fungi, are very common in diabetic pets. This is because the high glucose content in the blood favors the growth of these microorganisms. Any infection detected should be treated properly with veterinary care, and failure to treat may result in uncontrolled glycemia.


3 - Diabetic ketoacidosis - Very serious complication of diabetes that can lead to death. It usually occurs in untreated pets (owners have not yet discovered the disease) or in unstable pets (without adequate control). It requires hospitalization and intensive treatment and may take days to stabilize the condition.


4 - Hypoglycemia - Decreased glycemia, which can lead to behavioral changes, staggering gait, convulsion and even coma. It usually occurs due to misapplication of insulin or diet in a smaller amount than recommended and may require follow-up by the veterinarian and even hospitalization in more severe cases.


Pancreas Booster Benefits for your pet


Regulate blood glucose


Pancreas Booster act on the glucose index in the body. It can be described as a "sugar destroyer." The mechanisms of action of this supplement have identified several compounds with hypoglycemic properties such as gimnemic acids and gurmarin. Some studies have shown that these active ingredients allowed to combat the urges to ingest sugar by attaching to specific receptors at the level of the taste buds. Similarly, these molecules have the ability to bind to intestinal receptors, which has the effect of limiting the absorption of sugar by the body. Other scientific studies suggest that gymnemic acids could also mimic or stimulate the activity of incretins, gastrointestinal hormones involved in insulin secretion.


Pancreas Booster confirmed efficacy against hyperglycemia has been the subject of several studies confirming its hypoglycemic activity. One group of researchers was interested in the effectiveness of glycemic acids to regulate blood glucose. Their study showed that these natural active principles allowed blood glucose to be reduced up to 60% within 6 hours of taking it. It was also due to this strong hypoglycemic activity that Pancreas Booster raised the interest of the scientific community to combat hyperglycemia, a phenomenon involved in several metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and obesity.


Help lose weight


Some studies also suggest that the Pancreas Booster could be of great interest in sustaining weight loss in your pet.  To evaluate the efficacy of this ayurvedic supplement for pets in case of metabolic disorders, several studies have been carried out in animal models.


The lipid-lowering activity of Pancreas Booster. A beneficial action against "bad" cholesterol.


In addition to its hypoglycaemic properties, Pancreas Booster can decrease lipid levels and an increase in HDL cholesterol, better known as "good" cholesterol.


A Preventive Against Hyperlipidemia and Coronary Heart Disease in pets


The discovery of the hypolipidemic and hypocholesterolemic properties of the Pancreas Booster opens promising prospects for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Indeed, by allowing lipid levels to be reduced, this ayurvedic supplement could contribute to the fight against hyperlipidemia, a phenomenon that has been called into question in coronary diseases. Pancreas Booster can avoid the excess of lipids and the accumulation of cholesterol in the coronary arteries.


Pancreas Booster can have an antimicrobial activity and effective antibacterial activity against various pathogenic strains: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis. This ayurvedic supplements could exhibit cytotoxic activity to counter the development of cancer cells. Pancreas Booster would have anti-inflammatory properties, which would be due to its composition in tannins and saponins. This ayurvedic herbal product would have an immuno-modulating effect, which would allow to regulate the activity of the immune system. In general, it could thus contribute to strengthening the body's immune defenses. This supplement can also act in the prevention and treatment of different conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease, cavities or even several digestive problems. 

Although the Pancreas Booster is known primarily for its hypoglycemic activity to regulate the level of blood glucose, in reality its therapeutic potential proves to be much broader. In addition to combating hyperglycemia, it has proved beneficial in particular against hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia. It can help strengthen the body's natural defenses.