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Definition: The term health is a dynamic and constructive concept. Nevertheless, that industrial health suggests much more than a mere absence of illnesses is clear from the subsequent definitions of health: The World Health Organisation has described wellness as a state of complete physical, psychological and social wellbeing and not just the absence of illness or disease or infirmity. It pertains to a system of public health when it comes to industrial wellness. Here, the definition of wellness given by an health organisation is well worth quoting: The prevention and upkeep of physical, psychological and social well being of employees in all organizations, - Prevention among employees of ill health caused by the functioning conditions, - Protection of employees in their employment from risk deriving in factors adverse to health, and - Placing and upkeep of the worker in a working environment adapted to his physical and mental equipment. 

Thus the man concept is emphasised on by the modem concept of health. Put health pertains to the consequence of the interaction between the person and his surroundings. So to say, he/she is healthy who is well adjusted with environment. The modem concept of wellness thus, anticipates and recognizes potentially harmful situations and implements technology control measures to prevent illness or diseases or infirmity. Employee’s physical health and his work are intimately related. While an unhealthy employee works less both quantitatively and qualitatively, commits accidents, and remains absent in work, a healthful employee produces results opposite to these. The same underscores the need for and significance of healthful employees in an organisation. 

Mental Health: This pertains to the mental soundness of the workers. As is physical health essential for good performance, so is mental wellness also. Experience suggests that 3 factors, namely, psychological breakdowns, psychological disturbances, and psychological disorder impair the mental wellness of employees. Importance of health: the banal saying Health is Wealth explains the importance of wellness. On the flip side, the natural implications of good wellness are reduction in the speed of absenteeism and turnover, accidents and occupational diseases. 

In addition to, employee health also provides other benefits like reduced spoilage, improved morale of employee, increased productivity of employee and also longer functioning period of an employee which, of course, can't be easily measured. In long and short, employee wellness is very important because it helps: 1. Maintain and Enhance the employee performance both quantitatively and qualitatively. Reduce employee absenteeism and turnover. Minimize industrial unrest and indiscipline. For instance, in India, the Royal Commission on Labour, die Labour Investigation Committee, the Health Safety and Development Committee, the Labour Welfare Committee and the National Commission on Labour, all have expressed concern for employee wellness. These have underlined the creation and maintenance of as healthful a surroundings as possible, in the homes of the workers and also in all places where they gather for work, amusement or recreation.

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