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Erenumab, many people are talking about this new medicine that brings relief to migraine. Migraine is a headache that has hit most of the world's population for centuries! In fact, it is not just a headache, but a neurological syndrome, characterized by repeated headaches, usually pulsatile, on one or both sides of the head, may have moderate intensity or quite intense. It is common to be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and intolerance to light or noise. Migraine crises can be preceded by some symptoms such as irritability, hyperactivity, depression, poor appetite, difficulty concentrating and memorizing, drowsiness, repeated yawning and also the desire to eat some specific food, such as chocolate. Migraine crises, when they occur, can last between 4 and 72 hours! Children may also have migraine, associated with recurrent abdominal pain, dizziness, cyclic vomiting, and leg pain.

What causes migraine?

Erenumab is a hope as remedy for migraine crises, triggered by innumerable factors, such as physical and mental stress, deprivation or excessive sleep, hormonal changes, such as menstrual period or certain foods and beverages, such as cheeses, sausages, red wine and alcohol in general, among others. Each case must be individualized, and the cause being investigated according to the patient's history. Migraine has an unknown cause in most cases, but it is believed to have multifactorial causes, especially hereditary factor.


Through clinical examination, patient's medical history, neurological examination, and possibly complementary exams such as cranium resonance, electroencephalogram, etc, and If the seizures have started after the age of fifty or have started suddenly and not relieved with medicines such as Erenumab. Also, when there are other diseases, especially infectious or the previous exams have presented some alteration. To have a diagnosis of migraine, it is necessary that there have been more than five attacks of headaches with the symptoms and characteristics of migraine.

Treating migraines with natural products

Besides the use of Erenumab, when you have migraine attacks it is possible to treat them with natural remedies that greatly improve the symptoms! See some:


Grate 50g of ginger and boil it with 1 liter of water for fifteen minutes. Turn off the heat and strain the tea. Drink this tea several times a day.

Other medicinal plants for the treatment.

TO DETOXICIZE AND RELAX THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: horsetail, leather hat, tanning, dandelion with lavender. Drink three or four cups a day. These herbs can be used for four days and water for two days with lemon and 20 drops of melissa water (natural product sold in pharmacies) four times a day.

Orange tea and lemon balm tea, two or three cups a day, sipped.

In the prevention and treatment of migraine attacks, one of the most indicated and efficient plants is tansy, which is also called asanas or feverfew and is sold in capsules in natural products stores. The indicated dosage is usually 200mg or 1 capsule per day. For weeks or months should be taken. It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Erenumab is new treatment for migraine.

Migraine is a disease caused by constriction and dilation of the arteries of the head, causing severe pain in the middle of the skull and, in some cases, can also cause nausea and vomiting. Pain, with no apparent cause, can occur in isolated episodes or in a chronic condition, in which individuals report pains several times a month for hours or even days.

Migraine differs from the common headache by producing throbbing pain and usually on one side of the head. In addition, the patient exhibits sensitivity to light and noises during the frame.

Erenumab is an injection that can be applied by the patient himself in the thigh or in the stomach region. In the tests, it was given once a month. The drug is considered a revolution by being able to recognize the protein that causes the migraine and destroy it. This mechanism, which mimics the performance of antibodies, is the same as that used by some anti-cancer drugs.

Preliminary results of the benefits of Erenumab have been published in the American journal "The New England Journal of Medicine" and are promising. The scientists evaluated 955 people, of whom 317 received a subcutaneous injection of 70 mg every month; 319 received 140 mg of the drug; and 319 received placebo (substance without the drug).

After four months, the first group reported a 50% decrease in the occurrence of pain; the second, 43.3%, and the third group, 26%. The main benefit of injection compared to the drugs used to alleviate pain symptoms would be the absence of side effects, common in the other classes of medications currently used by these patients.

The drug, developed jointly by Novartis and Amgen laboratories over the past three decades, has been submitted for approval in Europe and the US and, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, will be evaluated in May.

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