Epi-Still-S 59ml

Epi-Still-S 59ml


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Epi-Still-S 59ml

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Imagine taking a supplement to become more creative and stand out among co-workers. For that is exactly what a new generation of supplements, such as Epi Still S available in this store may help you: a shortcut to success by turbocharging memory, sharpening reasoning and improving attention span.


Adults and Teenagers: dilute approximately 15-20 in small glass of water. Take three times a daily or on an as needed basis.

For children under 6: dilute one drop per age of the child into a 1/4 cup juice or glass and give three times a day or as needed.


Among those who used and decided to tell the experience on the internet, this supplement can be given the nickname of "cerebral Viagra,". Combinations of substances have been grouped into a tincture.




Passaflora (Passionfower)
Scuttelaria laterafolia (Skullcap)
Cuprum metallicum (30C)
Cicuta Virosa (30C)


Epi Still S Extra Benefits


This kind of supplement has turned into a fever. Users discuss the advantages of Epi Still S with same enthusiasm and dedication that weightlifters talk about new products to increase muscle.  Epi Still S 59ml has good amounts of flavonoids. They have several biological and pharmacological effects, including antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and vasodilator activity. In addition, these substances inhibit lipid peroxidation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which are related to their antioxidant activity, characterized by the ability to sequester free radicals in living organisms.


Alkaloids are also present in the Epi Still S 59ml. Beta-carbolines, serotonin derivatives and tryptophan, normally present in the body. They are inhibitors of the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO), and have agonist action with GABA and benzodiazepine receptors. They are used as tranquillizers and even in aiding the treatment of hypertension.


Epi Still S 59ml also has saparinas, a substance that has action in the central nervous system, aiding the neurotransmitters and providing a sense of relaxation.  This supplement has glycosyl phenols and cyanogenic compounds.


Stimulates the release of hormones that lead to relaxation and a sense of well-being. Therefore, it is also beneficial in cases of insomnia.

Prevents depression: Epi Still S helps prevent depression because of the sense of well-being it provides. Its primary chemical components, calcalóides and flavonoids act in a relaxing and antidepressant way in the body.

Improves concentration: By providing a greater sense of well-being and relaxation, the person can achieve greater concentration.

Good against infections: Epi Still S has antibacterial action, so it is an ally


Action against Parkinson's disease: It is believed that the presence of alkaloids harmine and harmaline, may be effective against Parkinson's disease, but the mechanisms are not yet detailed.


Controls blood pressure: The harmalas, substances present in the Epi Still S 59ml  inhibit the excessive and unnecessary consumption of oxygen by the brain. It is believed that these compounds are also responsible for lowering circulation and breathing levels, lowering blood pressure.




When ingesting the Epi Still S 59ml does not exceed the prescribed amount, in order to avoid undesirable effects. It also should not be used during pregnancy, because it has substances in its extract that cause increased uterine contraction.


Children, patients with a history of hypersensitivity and allergy to some component of the plant and women in the phase of breastfeeding should only make use of the Epi Still S 59ml  after the medical recommendation. It is not recommended for patients taking other sedative, hypnotic or antihistamine drugs.


Epi Still S is recommended for people with a higher level of stress, insomnia and anxiety.