Colosan Powder 200g

Colosan Powder 200g


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Colosan Powder 200g

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Take it in a full glass of water. Stir Colosan powder thoroughly and drink. For a better result you can diluted Colosan with apple cider vinegar into the same glass.

It is recommended people take about 2 - 3 teaspoons per day for an initial 7 days cleanse, and then take 1 teaspoon per day as often as is needed for cleansing and regularity. Adjusted Colosan dosage according to your need.

It is recommended to take Colosan on an empty stomach, and avoid food for at least 45 minutes afterwards. The easiest are usually first thing in the morning, or just before bed. Taking the lemon juice immediately afterwards assists your stomach acid in releasing the oxygen.


Colosan - Dosage and Precautions.


Colosan is indicated for the replacement of magnesium levels in the treatment of hypomagnesemia, cerebral edema, eclampsia, seizure control in acute uremia, uterine tetany, cardiac arrhythmia control and intoxication and barium poisoning in adults and children. Colosan contain Magnesium Sulfate, an extremely important compound for the body, being essential in several biochemical and physiological processes, activating various enzymatic systems.


Colosan plays an important role in neurochemical transmission and muscle excitability, prevents and controls seizures, and acts peripherally producing and assisting vasodilation.


Colosan can be indicated as a laxative, and is also useful against heartburn, poor digestion, magnesium deficiency, skin cleansing, ingrown toenails, muscle aches, arthritis, phlebitis and fibromyalgia.


Colosan side effects


Some of Colosan side effects include redness, thirst, lowering of blood pressure, low muscle tone, decreased body temperature, blockage of neuromuscular transmission with depression of the reflexes, reduction of respiratory and cardiac frequency, or circulatory collapse.


Colosan – Cleaning and disposal


To keep the body in a proper state of equilibrium and to metabolize and absorb the nutrients from our diet, proper elimination is necessary. While the upper part of the digestive system, the mouth, stomach and small intestine, is intended for absorption, the lower part, the colon or large intestine, is intended for elimination. It also contains a variety of microorganisms, called intestinal flora, which are essential for proper disposal.


Insufficient elimination of the organism's excretion products causes fermentation and putrefaction, leading to a variety of health problems. When taking several meals, a day, it is impossible not to have residues accumulated in the colon in the form of undigested food particles or end products of foods that have undergone digestive processes. Food waste also develops in cells and tissues, which can become highly toxic if they continue to ferment and putrefy. The purpose of the colon, as the organ of removal, is to accumulate excretory material from all parts of the organism and, through the peristaltic action of the muscles of the colon, remove these residues. If it continues to accumulate, poor disposition, disease, and lack of libido in the body occur frequently.


Constipation is the main condition for most health problems. Often there is a state of constipation when bowel movements appear normal due to an accumulation of feces somewhere in the colon. Constipation involves not only stool retention in the intestine but also retention by the first half of the colon (from the cecum to the middle of the transverse colon).


The wall of this section of the colon has nerves and muscles that create undulatory movements known as peristalsis to push the contents of the colon from the cecum into the rectum for subsequent evacuation. Besides the formation of these waves, the first half of the colon extracts all the nutritive material that the small intestine has not been able to collect. This nutritive material is collected by the blood vessels lining the walls of the colon and taken to the liver to be processed. If feces is fermented in the colon, the nutrients present pass into the bloodstream as polluted products (called blood poison, a condition in which the blood contains poisonous matter, produced by the growth of pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria) .


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