Astaxanthin 4mg 120 Capsules

Astaxanthin 4mg 120 Capsules


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Astaxanthin 4mg 120 Capsules

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Astaxanthin is an important carotenoid synthesized mainly by algae and fungi, responsible for the colouring of birds (flamingo), fish (salmon and trout), crustaceans (shrimp and lobster) and some microorganisms. It is a powerful antioxidant found abundantly in nature, has photoprotective, immunomodulatory, anticancer and cardioprotective properties. It has 100 to 500 times more antioxidant power than other carotenoids, including beta-carotene, a potential which is related to its chemical structure.

Astaxanthin helps in reducing oxidative stress by playing a central role in initiating and conducting events that cause aging of the skin. These events like the natural effects of gravity over the years, such as expression lines, decreased skin thickness and dry skin.

Helps in preparing for sun exposure, preventing sunburn and getting a natural tan, because it is a potent absorber of ultraviolet rays. It improves the elasticity of the skin, combats wrinkle and reduces the aging of the skin, especially that resulting from the effect of UV rays.

It enhances athletic performance (beneficial effects on joints, tendons, ligaments), aiding endurance exercises, and accelerates fat burning.

It protects eyes, tired sight (sensitive to sunlight), other visual diseases (prevention of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts), difficulty in concentrating and eye fatigue.

It protects the cardiovascular system, promotes blood microcirculation and prevents neurodegenerative diseases associated with oxidative stress, achieving important results regarding brain capacity and aging.

Its indications are: Cellular protection against oxidative damages; protects your skin from external aggressions; increased immunity; increased visual acuity (eye health); favours microcirculation (cardiovascular health). Results and indications referring to the use of this product have been evaluated and proven by the manufacturer of this pharmaceutical ingredient and studies that prove their action, as described in the bibliographic references.

We do not guarantee the results described, these vary from person to person depending on several factors such as diet, physical exercise, presence of other pathologies, as well as the correct use of the product as described in the dosage.


Take 1-3 softgels daily with food.

Astaxanthin as an antioxidant

One of the most remarkable antioxidants found in nature, astaxanthin is powerful and can bring many health benefits, and unlike many other antioxidants, Astaxanthin does not become pro-oxidant in the body. This makes it one of the most potent and effective antioxidants you can ingest.

Astaxanthin exhibits high free radical scavenging activity and protects the cells, organs and tissues of the body from oxidative damage. This unique antioxidant function of astaxanthin brings an impressive range of health benefits, including protection of the cardiovascular system, stabilization of blood sugar, improvement of the immune system, reduction of inflammation, protection of the health of the eyes and skin, and can even have a future in the treatment of cancer.

The body is dependent on the healthy balance of the body's oxidizing and antioxidant functions. Antioxidants are chemical compounds that sacrifice their structure to repair the endogenous production of free radicals, and potentially slow down the oxidation process, thus enabling health at the cellular level. Healthy cell function equals better overall health and is a prerequisite for achieving optimal health and physical performance.

The following list represents just a few examples of how Astaxanthin positively affects the body, and health benefits.

Improvement of performance in physical activities

The practice of physical exercises demands a great amount of energy, which is generated at the cellular level, mainly by the mitochondria. These organelles produce up to 95% energy from the body by burning sugar, fats and other substances. Thus, mitochondria are of vital importance in muscle tissue, where there is a greater need for energy. But all this energy production has a drawback: the generation of highly reactive free radicals that damage cell membranes and oxidize DNA. This cellular damage results in the activation of inflammatory markers, which consequently give the muscles sensation tired and sore. In addition, when mitochondria are compromised, they are inefficient in producing enough energy to meet the demands of their body, and strength and stamina decrease as a result. The more arduous the activity, the greater the production of free radicals. Most of the benefits of astaxanthin come from its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Astaxanthin has the ability to target all cells, tissues and organs of the body and assist in physical performance in the following ways:

Elimination of free radicals in mitochondrial cells from energy production

Decreasing oxidative damage to your cell membranes and DNA

Decreasing muscle inflammation

Reducing lactic acid in muscles (by-product of physical exertion)

Improving visual acuity and depth perception

Improving tolerance to the sun and reducing the tendency to sunburn

A Swedish study conducted in 1998 by C. Malmsten in boys aged 17 to 19 years who took 4mg per day of astaxanthin for six months showed a 62% improvement in strength and endurance. Animal studies have also shown similar results. Rats are able to swim longer before exhaustion when given astaxanthin. It was also identified a significant reduction in fat accumulation, which was justified by a higher use of fatty acids for energy. Another study conducted in Japan showed a 50% decrease in muscle inflammation in rats submitted to physical activity. Thus, astaxanthin can not only boost the resistance to physical activities, but also reduce inflammation, avoid pain, and decrease fat accumulation.

Anti-inflammatory action

Astaxanthin has natural anti-inflammatory properties, but unlike prescription painkillers, there is no risk of addiction, heartburn, or gastrointestinal ulcers. Astaxanthin blocks inflammatory COX2 enzymes, while at the same time suppressing serum levels of inflammatory factors such as nitric oxide, interleukin 1B, prostaglandin E2, reactive protein C (CRP), and TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha) , decreasing pain and inflammation.

Sun and skin protection

One of the reasons why salmon eggs are red has to do with the high levels of astaxanthin they contain. This carotenoid has powerful anti-UV properties that help protect fish eggs from sun-related damage. Astaxanthin intake can also provide humans with similar health benefits. As an added benefit, this antioxidant also had a positive effect on reducing wrinkles and improving skin moisture levels.

Fighting Fatigue

Salmon has some of the highest levels of astaxanthin found in nature, with the exception of the purest form of the pigment. In fact, this is the reason behind the vibrant red meat of the fish. Astaxanthin is also considered the main reason why salmon has the energy it takes to make their trips upriver each year. Natural forms of this antioxidant can also provide humans with increased stamina, increased strength and energy levels, and offer greater recovery from exercise.

Eye and nervous system protection

Astaxanthin crosses the blood-brain barrier and blood-retinal barrier, which brings antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection to the eyes, brain and central nervous system and reduces the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, blindness, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Protection of the cardiovascular system

Astaxanthin appears to be able to improve many blood parameters that could be beneficial to the cardiovascular system. At doses of 6-8mg daily, this carotenoid may decrease the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and prevent it from becoming arthritogenic (causing clogging of the arteries). It can increase overall blood flow and reduce blood sugar in diabetics and blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats (in humans this study has not yet been performed) with no effect on these measures in normal and healthy rats.

Cancer treatment

Astaxanthin antioxidant properties make this carotenoid also interesting in the treatment of various types of cancer. One study showed short and long term benefits in treating breast cancer, including the lower growth of breast cancer cells.

Natural sources of astaxanthin

One of the highest concentrations of astaxanthin is found in Pacific salmon. Other natural sources of astaxanthin are lobster, arctic shrimp, crab, lobster, red trout, algae and krill.

Astaxanthin sources found in nature are not where the concentrations are higher. Although humans can enjoy the health benefits of astaxanthin by eating lots of salmon, seaweed, crustaceans and molluscs, the highest concentration comes in the form of natural supplements.

How to take?

Astaxanthin is recommended at the dosage of 6-8mg per day, low enough concentration found in enriched salmon oil or Krill Oil supplement. Doses of up to 20-50 mg of astaxanthin have been tolerated, although toxicity and exact upper limit are not known.

Despite the above recommendations, the optimal dose of astaxanthin is currently not known.

Due to the fact that it is a carotenoid and its relationship with the metabolism of vitamin A (a fat-soluble vitamin) it is recommended that it be taken during meals.

Side effects

Astaxanthin is safe when consumed in amounts found in food. It is also apparently safe when taken orally as a supplement.

Studies have shown that consuming 6mg of astaxanthin per day over an extended period does not seem to affect any blood parameter in humans.

One study showed that the daily dose of 8mg is effective in post-kidney transplant patients, a dose that has been shown to be safe and effective for at least 8 weeks.

Another human study found no side effects with daily doses of 21.6 mg for two weeks, 20 mg for 12 weeks, as well as a single dose of 48 mg (except for red stool coloration due to astaxanthin pigmentation and clinically benign).


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