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5HTP 100mg 90 Capsules


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5HTP 100mg 90 Capsules

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5 HTP despite being very successful among its consumers, many people are still unaware of % HTP benefits. For those who do not yet know, 5 HTP is the acronym in English for 5 hydroxytryptophan, which is a substance obtained by the body from tryptophan, one of the essential amino acids, but only obtained through food, since the body cannot produce it.

Briefly, once tryptophan is converted to 5 HTP, it will then be converted to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is directly related to sleep control, appetite, mood and more! 


5 HTP is a substance naturally produced by the body, but can only be obtained through the ingestion of foods rich in tryptophan, that is, essential amino acids. Once in the body, tryptophan undergoes a conversion process and turns into 5 HTP, which is later converted to serotonin.

Serotonin is the hormone responsible for well being feeling. In addition, it is also responsible for features over which we do not have control, for example, hunger, sleep, thirst and especially mood swings.

However, although 5 HTP is a direct derivative of tryptophan, increasing its intake does not increase the amount of 5 HTP in the body. Therefore it is necessary to resort to supplementation so that there are ideal amounts of serotonin in the body.


The 5 HTP serves to treat various maladies such as obesity, depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, migraines and other similar problems. All benefits are obtained because 5 HTP improves neurotransmitter levels. 

Among to 5 HTP benefits for health we can highlight:

Health & Wellness

According to research, supplementation with 5 HTP helps with weight loss. This is because 5 HTP leads to a greater feeling of satiety after meals and for much longer. That way the person will eat less. In addition, it also decreases that urge to eat sweets.


Research has shown that patients who take 5-HTP supplementation sleep much faster, and sleep deeper and longer than those who do not consume the substance. For those who suffer from insomnia, this supplement is highly recommended and because it is a natural supplementation, its effects only appear after a few weeks.


Although it is still not a conclusive study, researchers say there is a lot of evidence that 5 HTP helps treat people with anxiety. In addition, the substance also protects against panic attacks. Daily administration during bedtime has led to a 50% reduction in the occurrences of children suffering from night terrors.


As previously mentioned, 5 HTP is a precursor of serotonin, which in turn is widely used in the treatment of depression. That's because serotonin is the hormone responsible for the feeling of well-being. 5 HTP supplement is able to prevent and treat patients suffering from depression.


Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterized by long periods of pain throughout the body, in addition to tenderness in joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. According to research, patients who suffer from this disease and took the supplement had a reduction in the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia. As for example, morning stiffness, insomnia, aches and even fatigue and anxiety.

Headaches and migraine attacks reduction

Although the studies are still not conclusive, patients who supplement with 5 HTP show a reduction in migraine attacks and also headaches.

How to use 5 HTP?

We suggest to take one to three capsules daily with food. May be taken before bed. However , as with any type of supplementation and / or medication, it is difficult to define an exact amount to be consumed. This is because it depends on several factors, such as gender, age group, if you have any type of health problem among others.

Even in the case of a natural product, extracted from plants, erroneous supplementation of 5 HTP may cause some undesirable reactions. Therefore the most recommended is always to seek the guidance of a doctor.


Inadequate supplementation of 5 HTP may cause some side effects, such as:

Stomach pain;

Muscle aches;



Excessive tiredness;

Anxiety and depression;

Mood swings;

Problems related to sexual practice;

Allergies like rash, itching, redness and shortness of breath;




Although it is considered a natural supplement, 5 htp cannot be consumed by pregnant women, infants and children. People who are also using some type of medicine should be very cautious, since 5 HTP can interfere with the functioning of the medicine. 5 HTP can interfere directly with the function of some medicines. This supplement makes medicines effects potentiated. A good example is blood pressure lowering drugs, which should never be used together with 5 HTP, since this combination will make the pressure drop dramatically.

People suffering from any kind of mental disorder should also be very careful about the consumption of 5 HTP, since it can potentiate the symptoms of the disease, thus leading to more severe conditions. Carriers of diabetes and other types of metabolic diseases should also be cautious with 5 HTP.

So it is recommended that before taking 5 HTP supplement or even with any other type of medication, it is extremely important to seek the guidance of a doctor. Remember, the consequences of ignoring a professional's guidance may be irreversible!

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